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Jennifer Norman - Performer and Teacher

Jennifer graduated from the University of Chichester with a BA(Hons) Degree in Music. She specialised in Clarinet, whilst also studying Saxophone and Flute.

During her studies, she performed across the world: from big band performances in Australia, Germany, Spain and New York; to orchestral works in Switzerland, Austria, France, and Channel Islands. Jennifer currently plays in a ska band, performing at festivals such as Victorious, Boomtown and Isle of Wight. She also performs regularly in a wind quartet and as a musician for local theatre groups.

Her biggest passion is teaching, and helping others achieve their own musical goals. Teaching music and inspiring others has always been a goal for Jennifer, from her very first days of learning clarinet in primary school. Throughout her career, she has taken up the role of woodwind tutor within several schools and provides private tuition from her home.

Jennifer teaches people of all ages and ability, whether they are working towards graded exams or just for fun. She believes in building confidence and enjoyment through musical knowledge and expression.

Jennifer understands that all pupils learn at different rates and excel in different areas of study. Her broad experience across musical genres helps her adapt and tailor the lesson to each pupil's individual style and ability. Each lesson is designed to encourage the pupil's interests and nurture their natural abilities, whilst building the proper foundation for instrumental technique and musicality. 

Jennifer's adult pupils enjoy performing together and socialising twice a year for a Summer and Christmas concert. New pupils are always welcome, whether just to listen or to join in where they can. 

For more information, please use the contacts page on this website to get in touch.

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