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Jennifer Norman - Musician and Teacher

I graduated from the University of Chichester in 2012 with a BA(Hons) Degree in Music. 

I have had the honour of performing across the world: from big band performances in Australia, Germany, Spain and New York; to orchestral works in Switzerland, Austria, France, and Channel Islands. My performance highlights include the famous clarinet glissando on Rhapsody in Blue, being a joint soloist on the Brandenburg Concerto No.2 for two flutes, and recording the saxophone feature "Goodbye my Heart" with the Bodmin College Jazz Orchestra. 

During my career I have enjoyed playing in a variety of different settings such as orchestras, big bands and musical theatre shows. My quartet, "Changing Winds" performs for concerts, weddings and events as a saxophone, clarinet, or flute quartet. At the weekends I can be found gigging across pubs and festivals such as Boomtown, Victorious and Isle of Wight with my Ska band "Offbeat Offensive".  

My biggest passion, however, has always been teaching and helping others achieve their own musical goals. Throughout my career, I have taught in schools across Hampshire and West Sussex as well as privately from my Chichester studio. 

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