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Ali Clark
Singer and Saxophonist

Jennifer could not have been more welcoming and easy-going, yet has a wealth of experience to pass on. My lessons were always enjoyable and most importantly, I always left feeling like I had learnt something new! She is a very friendly and patient tutor, who listens to what you, as an individual, want to achieve and helps you reach your goal. I therefore have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Jennifer to any new students whatever their age, previous experience or musical taste.



Clarinet Pupil

Jennifer is an excellent, friendly and fun teacher. She pays attention to detail and knows how to encourage the best out of her students. Always positive and able to find the best in the most uncertain of students. Her knowledge and expertise are obvious, but it is her friendliness and genuine interest in wanting to make music both fun and of a high standard that makes her special. Learning the clarinet with Jennifer means improvement at every lesson, especially when an exam is on the horizon. I could not recommend her more highly. She will make you feel at ease while you learn lots! You’ll enjoy it too.


Saxophone Pupil

I have been having lessons for 6 months on the tenor saxophone. Jennifer is an excellent musician and has enabled me to develop both in musical approach and sax technique. She is quick to assess your abilities and to lead you to a higher performance level. The lessons are enjoyable and I would highly recommend her whatever your level or interest, she will help you to identify issues which are holding you back and enable you play those pieces you never imagined were possible.


Jonathan Cook

Principal Cornet at The Royal Artillery Band

Jennifer has always displayed a highly professional attitude to rehearsals and shows, always being fully prepared on the first band call. Jennifer is adaptable and dependable, and has proved this when given reed parts to a show requiring her to play at least four different instruments. Jennifer's name has and will always be at the top of the list for any ensemble which needs Alto, Tenor or Baritone Saxophones and Clarinet and Bass Clarinet."


Saxophone Pupil

Jennifer seems to be an incredibly observant teacher who easily spots the flaws in my playing and always comes up with solutions. Often these are not at all obvious to me, but they work. Practically every lesson I learn something new and feel a sense of progress. If my practice at home hits a wall, at the next lesson Jennifer has a solution.

Jennifer is patient, pushes me along at just the right pace and is a great encourager. She is very gentle in pointing out mistakes and quick to praise when I get something right. If you've ever thought about learning sax, clarinet or flute, I would strongly recommend you at least have an intro lesson with her. I'm pretty sure after that you won't want to stop.


Adrian Evans
Director/ Composer/ Publisher/ Teacher at Evansmusic

Jennifer was one of the leading-lights within the music dept at Bodmin College, both academically and creatively. Her contribution to the musical life of the college and the wider community was outstanding, as was her commitment in helping other young musicians to achieve their goals. She was always enthusiastic and an asset to the music department.


Saxophone Pupil

Jennifer is a first class teacher of woodwind and was very encouraging for me on tenor sax as a new beginner. I would highly recommend her for all ages of players.

P1010466 (2).JPG

Student's Parent

Our son, Reuben, has been having flute lessons with Jennifer for the last two years (he is now 8). Jennifer has been (and still is!) an absolutely brilliant teacher for him, and has found ways to creatively engage him in learning the skills he needs to learn, and has happily progressed at his pace. Reuben can be incredibly shy but Jennifer has brought his confidence along in leaps and bounds along the way. I don’t often get a glimpse of what goes on in the lessons these days, but when I do it’s brilliant to see how confident Reuben is to participate in his lessons, give new skills a shot and ask any questions he has.

Jennifer gives her students the chance to show off what they’ve been learning at student concerts at various points throughout the year, which are lovely supportive events and Reuben enthusiastically and confidently participates in these at each opportunity, which is evidence of how supportive Jennifer is. Reuben is becoming a very enthusiastic little musician under Jennifer’s guidance, we would recommend Jennifer for music lessons any day.


Clarinet Pupil

Jennifer is a fantastic music teacher and has all the patience in the world. I would highly recommend her.

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